Girls Are Talking – Starting over!





Girls Are Awesome presents Girls Are Talking – STARTING OVER

This time we will focus on ladies who have taken control of their situation and started over. We have invited three speakers who all in their own way have taken control over their own situation and started over.

What does it mean to start over? What does it takes to start over? Consequences, highs and low of starting over?

Girls Are Talking is an event platform focused on sharing the personal stories of interesting women in the aim that their knowledge will provide inspiration and practical tips for our audience to hack their own lives. It’s also a networking evening, connecting people from a range of backgrounds and areas of interest. Girls Are Talking is always sold out, grab your tickets while you can.

This Girls Are Talking event will take place at Republikken, Copenhagen’s oldest coworking space that welcomes all people who work with their project and business of passion and want to be part of a strong international network and community.

Doors open at 6:30PM and first speaker starts at 7PM.
The talks are conducted in English

Introducing our speakers:

Anira Orlando
Anira is a young transwoman in her early 20s. She has lived a turbulent life, filled with a lot of both good and bad experiences.
She grew up in a marrocan/danish household. Because of the culture she had born into, she had to opt out her family at 18 in favour of living an authentic life.
And then she became Anira, moved to London and started over.
Anira will tell us about her life, her experiences and how she self-proclaimed became ’the baddest bitch’.


Louise Lyngbo
Louise had the steady fulltime job with all the perchs and heaps of work. After 8 years at Elle, followed by 3 years with Naked, she decided to quit the safety zone and start over as her own boss. With the network she had built she started LOISANDME a year ago where she now works with art directing, graphic design and styling with customers like Peoples Press (books), Arkk Copenhagen, Trines Wardrobe – and still with both Elle and Naked.


Yukka Shahin
In 2013 Yukka was invited to Denmark for the first time to rap for Images Festival. Less than a year later she moved to DK to do her own project with Rapolitics. She have performed at concerts, collaborated with danish hip-hop producer, lectured at Copenhagen University and given workshops as a rap coach at schools. Yukka is going to tell us her story about starting over in a new country and which thoughts and obstacles she’ve met through it all.


Looking forward to seeing you….

Link to facebookevent / link to tickets

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