Life after Lockdown

Does your business need a restart after the Corona Crisis?

Do you need input and knowledge about corona challenges or business in general?

Are you willing to share your experiences and know-how with fellow business owners?

Then Republikken’s free philanthropic Corona help package is just what you are looking for!

Republikken Community and Learning

Republikken has a long tradition within the community of helping each other and learning together. One of our core values is “the more you give, the more you get”. In these challenging times, entrepreneurs have to help each other and on that note, we have decided to open our doors for non-members outside our coworking space.

life after lockdown workshops Network meeting at republikken


The Post-Corona Kickstart will sharpen your business in these areas:

  • Create an one-page overview of how your business makes money
  • Get to know who your target audience really is
  • Create a strong elevator pitch about your company
  • Find new possibilities in your company and market
  • Use your business model as a foundation for future marketing
The coworking environment with fixed and flexible seating is professional, charming, and efficient


Post-Corona Kickstart workshops

The Corona Crisis has disrupted many business models and markets – and brought both new challenges and possibilities.

Have your market changed so your business needs to adjust?

Are the demands for products and services changing or your clients’ expectations?

Or do you simply need to kickstart your business model for success in a Post-Corona world?

Meeting in network group Copenhagen

How & When

Date and time

Workshop 1) Wednesday October 28th from 9- 12.30 pm at Republikken

Workshop 2) Thursday November 5th. from 9- 12.30 pm at Republikken

The group will consist of 5-8 people that will work actively during the two workshops.

Do you want to learn and grow your business – Sign up now!