Makerspace Copenhagen

Makerspace Vesterbro

Republikken Makerspace provides easy, convenient and affordable access to laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC central in Copenhagen.

It is the perfect place for cutting parts for models, building prototypes/mock ups and doing small productions.

The Makerspace is dedicated for companies, architects, artists, and designers.

The Makerspace staff can provide assistance within drawing, prototyping and manufacturing of projects.



How it works

Republikken Makerspace has a simple setup, where you pay for the time you occupy the machines and the material you use. There is no monthly subscription.

You can book the machines from home to ensure availability and the machines are ready to use when you arrive.

On top, we have standard materials in stock, which you can purchase while booking the machines,

The use of machinery and materials are billed monthly via an invoice send by email.

How to get access

Attend an introductory machine courses to get access to the makerspace -sign up below.

Opening hours
Weekdays between 8-17

It is possible to get access outside normal opening hours, if coordinated with the makerspace staff.

Book Course



Precision even in thick materials

3D printing

Workshop Desk

Work on a project in our workshop

Project Assistance

We can help with Drawings, Manufacturing and Planning


Let’s discuss your idea, design, production, etc. A talk with one from our staff may end up saving you time, money and hopefully help you accomplish what you want.

Write us on with your inquiry and let’s discuss how we can help you.