Kristian Peter Poulsen

Private Office since 2022



I work at Datasolvr, where we help a wide range of organizations explore and manage data. We make sure that the organizations are compliant and get the best possible value for their data. Currently, we primarily operate within the financial industry. We help pension companies calculate cashflows and make sure that all numbers, formulas, and data, in general, are traceable such that they comply with all the regulations in the financial industry.

We seek to bring the capabilities and technology level of large IT giants to any organization that wants to become data-driven in a compliant and lean data setup. We deliver an entire data flow that is easily automated all the way from imports to dashboards with clear visualizations and insights.

Educational-wise, I’m a MSc in mathematics from the University of Copenhagen. From previous positions, I have a lot of teaching and training experience. That includes a lot of customer training in various software solutions and responsibility for the implementation in the organizations. Further, I’ve been an upper secondary teacher in mathematics at a business gymnasium. In my spare time, I enjoy running and hanging out with friends - both with and without beers.