Lynn Roseberry

Private Office since 2016

On the Agenda

Managing Director

I'm the co-owner of a startup management consulting firm specializing in diversity & inclusion. Formerly associate professor in commercial law at Copenhagen Business School. American expat. I've lived in Copenhagen for 22 years (if you include the 3 years I lived in Luxembourg while my partner worked at the European Court of Justice).

I'm passionate about helping people and businesses develop their full potential. I draw on my years of experience in university research and teaching, creative-arts and game-inspired methods as well as my training in psychotherapy to help people and businesses perform at their best.

On the Agenda offers research-based, scalable gender and diversity interventions that work. We help companies to collect the right data, Identify their main challenges, design research-based, scalable solutions, and support related management processes with expert advice, facilitation and coaching. We also offer facilitations of our own Serious Game about diversity inclusive leadership - Mosaic - as well as Mosaic facilitation training.

Book about basic principles of gender-sensitive leadership

A Serious Game about inclusive leadership