Marie Kjær

Private Office since 2016

Plan Penny


Having worked for more than a decade as a project manager and project management consultant I realized that I wasn't the only one who didn't fully inderstand the complexity of project management methodologies, and tools, that I was preaching and selling.
So I decided to cut to the core, to build the methodologies and tools that makes sense to the creative and intuitive mind.
Plan Penny is an offsprings of that process.

I optimize through structure.
(Which is ironic - since I am, by nature, a very unstructured person. However I've realized that structuring stuff helps me go nuts within the creative space. When I've planned my calendar around having room for creativity and artistic procrastination, I get a lot more out of the process of making stuff.)
The learnings from structuring my creativity is what I try to teach the world, while trying to run the process of building a digital project planning tool for creatives.

Plan Penny is a digital project planning tool that is design for the creative minded freelancer. The tool is stripped of unnecessary features and functionalities and designed based on intuition and and a natural flow. We pride ourselves in deleting features to keep to the core functionality of the product.
A simple and personal, professional project tool.