Rasmus Bay Arnbjerg

Alumni since 2016


owner, copywriter

Founder of Råkom.
Originally an India enthusiast holding a Master of South Asian Studies from Lund University, in 2008 I jumped head-on into my passion for food production and gastronomy made by personalities and organisations with a transformational agenda.
I have expanded my knowledge and skills by attacking this corner of the food production business in Denmark from different angles for the past 8 years in a privileged presence of some of the biggest agents of change in the business.

Råkom is serious baseline food communication

INSPIRATION comes from previous work relations with some of the great culinary gamechangers in Denmark.
INSIGHT stems from practical experience with farm-to-fork value chain.
ENTHUSIASM springs from a passion for fresh produce as the vantage point of any culinary narrative.
THE RESULT is empathic, engaging communication about food, meals and the personalities behind.

Råkom delivers communication tasks in close synergy with restaurants, farmers, producers and food related organisations. The core services include:

· Helping pinpointing your unique story and communicating it through relevant channels
· Event communication and press releases
· Dialogue on planning and fundraising for your next project
· Serious proof reading and tone-of-voice walkthrough of menus, web, etc.
· Assistance and advice on customer care, relations and feedback