DIY Private Party

Republikken’s Do-It-Yourself Party concept gives you an opportunity to rent our event venue for a private party in Copenhagen. Bring your own food and beverages. Plus decorate our flexible space to fit your theme or vision. Republikken will take care of the clean-up, help with table and chair set-up, plus make sure that the technical equipment is on and functioning.

You can buy draft beer from us, as well as the use of our tableware, cutlery and dishwasher.

We do not host youth parties and parties with the motto “the wilder the better”.
We reserve the right to say no to parties where the intention is to party like there’s no tomorrow with alcohol, dancing and loud music all night long.
Our venue is a workplace during the day, and is simply not geared for these kinds of parties.

So, if you intend to throw a party for 100 of your closest friends, satisfy your hunger with salty peanuts, cold beer and delicious drinks, while you turn the system up higher and higher, the Republic is probably not the place for you

You are of course welcome to contact us for more information.

Please drop-by for a tour of our venue, if your parti ambitions are of a different kind 😉


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