Community Breakfast





with media artist Hr. Meaner

“Think as an improviser: a talk about spontaneous creativity” will explore ways how improvisation can create change and spark creativity.

Entrepreneurs, managers, and improvisational performers have at least one thing in common – all have to deal with the unplanned and the unexpected on a regular basis. Those who can think quickly on their feet will have a better chance of succeeding in today’s challenging business world.

Improvisers recognize opportunities as they arise and learn how to be flexible in their thinking, constantly reframing the situation.
Where most people see only problems, improvisers see ‘offers’ as well. Instead of lamenting setbacks, they focus on finding a way to use them.

Join us in this talk and learn how you can start using improvisation to spark spontaneous creativity and develop a new way of thinking, all while sharing a few laughs in the process.