Community Breakfast





with founder of Moons & Junes

How can inspiring mission become a competitive advantage of your business?

So many businesses are born out of personal drive, challenge, passion or a need to spread the message that is dear to a founder’s heart.

Some of these reasons made Agnete Bjerre-Madsen create “Moons and Junes” – a Copenhagen-based lingerie brand devoted to providing an everyday luxury to women and helping women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

By founding this company, Agnete wanted to challenge the traditional perception of beauty and create underwear that emphasizes women’s natural shapes – instead of creating new ones with stuffing and push-up.

But how great mission can be transformed into a profitable business? What challenges you can meet on the way? These and other questions will be discussed when Agnete share her personal story of founding her company.

No sign up needed. If you are not a member of Republikken, just come by Vesterbrogade 26, get a workpass in our front desk and join the talk.

Hope to see you,

Republikken & Agnete

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