Friday Bar





and Neuroscience talk

Many stories about creative projects or business ideas start something along the lines of “one evening I was sitting with a friend and a bottle of wine – and the rest is history…”. While many of us enjoy the lovely beverages that contain alcohol, many still have doubts: does alcohol actually make you more creative – and if so “how”, and equally important “how much (alcohol)”.

Jacob Lennheden from Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity (CINC) will shed the light on mysterious relationship between alcohol and creativity. He will do this by briefly introducing to what we know from science of how the brain works when we are creative, and discuss what influence alcohol might have on this process.

We will test the thesis – it’ll be fun and games, and of course some beers on sale.

Event is free, but sign up is needed.

The event is co-hosted by Copenhagen Institute of Neuro Creativity and Republikken.