Laser cutting

We provide quality laser cutting both for one time orders and as returning production. We cut using the market leading laser cutters from Universal Laser Systems, such that you can get the best produce.  With attention to detail, patience and expertise, we strive to deliver the best cuttings with an uniform finish and clean cut edges.

Quality and price are often related, so it be for laser cutting. Nevertheless, even though quality is an important measure (often essential), we know that price is as well. That’s why we offer to at least match the quote prices of the market, without compromising quality.

Feel free to contact us, with or without a design file and hear how we can assist you:

  • If you have a design file please send us the file for a quote.
  • If you need help designing you file, we offer guidance and help to prepare your design for cutting.

Please contact us by by phone +45 88 300 122 or by email or book a design meeting with one of our creators (below).


Laser cutting with attention to detail


Write us

Write us with a description of what you desire to have cut, if you have a design file, please attach it.

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Accept us

We will get back to you, with questions about your cutting preferences and a quote for your design

Pick it up

We will cut the design, and you can pick it up at our facilities or we can ship it for you.


Our laser cutting prices are calculated based on two things:

  • Cutting time (how many minutes it takes to cut)
  • Material usage (how many sheets of material that is used)

In addition to our basic pricing you can ask for

  • Masking tape (1 or 2 sides)
  • Sanding of objects
  • Rushed production


Details about the process

Once  you have sent us your file, we return with an estimate the same day, and usually produce the same week. To help ensure a great cut result, we will often correspond with you during the process and check that you files look alright before cutting.

The files are cut in Copenhagen on Vesterbro, where you can pick them up as soon as they are finished or wherefrom we can ship them.