Learning Groups at Republikken

Republikken learning supports our ambition to create the best possible frames for entrepreneurs and small business. Our learning program foster both business and personal development for our members by their active participation in our learning groups.

The learning groups is created around a specific topic which is the center of either a training session or a more experience based process. Most of our groups counts around 5-7 people and has a fixed membership during the sessions. Due to the theme and focus area, we teach each other in models and methods or create reflection rooms that give insights, concrete changes and new strategies.

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Republikken memberships

Meeting in network group Copenhagen

Existing groups

One of our core values is “the more you give the more you get” which means that everybody needs to lean in and take active part of our learning groups to create an optimal vibrant and rich learning process.

We have a broad variety of groups already in process, such as:

  • Starting up (how to handle and navigate as a new entrepreneur)
  • SoMe (how to understand the dynamics of social media and create a SoMe strategy)
  • Sales (how to create a sales strategy)
  • Share & Grow (how to develop personally and professionally)
  • Funding (how to create applications and seek funds)
  • Restarting – life after lockdown (how do you adapt your business after Corona lockdown)
  • Laser cutter (how to use our laser cutter)
  • Internationals (get settled in Denmark)

We will post new groups, available for sign up, below.

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