Andreas Vappula Nilsson

Coworking Space since 2015

Mountain Media

Visual journalist and process manager

I help the educational sector in gaining impact through communicating the value of especially those things that can’t be weight or measured. I produce digital content, carry out campaigns, facilitate processes and develop strategies.

I work with 1) institutions and organizations, 2) educational divisions in major corporations (like Coop), and 3) high quality journalism for educational media.

I love to make results together with a selected group of costumers. Together we establish a “Learning Relationship” based on responsibility, curiosity and smiles.

Content production with educational divisions in major corporations:
- Film production - end2end
- Concept development of learning material

Full service communication service with educational institutions and organizations:
- Strategic counseling.
- Process and project management.
- Training and teaching of storytelling.
- Content production: Film, pictures, text, etc.
- PR and Social Media Management.

Journalism for educational media:
- Research
- Background
- Feature
- Portait

Notable Work

Batch of films

Check out a selection of my film production on Vimeo. If you want to see more don't hesitate to contact me.