Anna Munck Laybourn

Connect_ since 2020

Brain2Business ApS

Certified Business Facilitator
Graphic Facilitator
Scientific Evaluator of large Science and Research projects
Worked 3 years in Innovation Fund Denmark as Scientific Officer, Investment Manager
Worked 3 years in Danish Strategic Research Council, Ministry of Science and Education
MSc in Plant Agronomy

Am a rowing coach and:
World Champion in coastal W4x+ rowing 2013. Bronze WC coastal rowing in 2015.
European Championships in double scull
European Championships in canoe polo

I help create overview, common understanding, alignment and motivation by visualizing what people strive for, discuss and have to do. I facilitate change, strategy and innovation processes and help people find the common goals.

I can quickly understand and draw essence of discussions, partnerships, changes and ideas.
Extensive knowledge within science and innovation. Background from science and funding business.
Former sports athlete and World Champion - goals, prioritizing, delivering.

Design and Facilitation of workshops: Strategy, innovation, change. Visual output.
Graphic Facilitation - Visualizations of goals, processes and challenges.
Speed drawing videos with small animations and original music.
Graphic Recording - large live created visualizations of what happens in the room.