Don Macfarlane

Private Office since 2022



Half Danish Half American. Academic background from US colleges in humanities. Finance sector in NYC until 2008 recession. Education department at SimCorp in Copenhagen from 2009 followed by training implementations at two more software companies. Skilled running corporate training initiatives and leveraging training and knowledge management infrastructures.

I provide a unique link between subject matter experts and learners so that any given end user with a specific question can find the answer they need and move on. This is done through an ever growing library of searchable, clear and unambiguous content. Subject matter experts become the direct source of training while wasting none of their valuable time. My passion is to have knowledge capture become a natural part of daily work.

Knowledge capture, video editing and video hosting. Work is done in direct collaboration with subject matter experts. End product is searchable training content that provides specific solutions to specific problems. Content also becomes suitable for translation/localization.