Chiara Salce

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Chiara Salce Language Services

Freelance Interpreter and Translator

I am deeply passionate about languages and cultures, and I have dedicated my university career to cross-cultural communication, becoming a Russian - English - Italian Interpreter and Translator. I have lived and studied abroad both in Russia and the U.S., acquiring a deep knowledge and understanding of these countries, their politics, business environment and culture. I provide language services for a variety of settings, events, written documents and websites.

Translation services between Italian and English, Russian and English.
Proofreading services in Italian and English.
Interpreting services between Italian and English, Russian and English.

Notable Work

Translator for the Italian newspaper IL FOGLIO

Translated several articles about politics and economics from Italian into English.

Freelance Translator for

Translated the website from English into Italian.

Translator in the Travel&Tourism field

Translated several websites about traveling to Italy, especially Sardinia.