Claire Lawson

Connect_ since 2019

I am a British-Canadian living in Denmark. I have a M.Sc. from Lund University in Environmental Management and Policy, and a B.Sc. from Queen's University. I moved to Denmark about a year ago and love to swim in Copenhagen's harbour. I follow leading environmental work and use my skills in public speaking, storytelling, and community engagement to promote it wherever I go.

I am an environmental strategist with industrial and community engagement experience.
Volvo Cars, Lund University, and Swim Drink Fish Canada are organisations I have worked with.
Two of my main deliveries include steering the direction of Volvo's Corporate Environmental Strategy and launching a water protection (storytelling) project across the world.
I believe leading environmental work needs to be better communicated internationally. Copenhagen's leading work with swimmable water is a good example.

I am looking for funding to launch a digital platform in Denmark called the Swim Guide.
The Swim Guide is a world map that leads over 3 million people to 7000 great beaches in 8 different countries around the world. I am launching this service to better communicate Copenhagen's leading work as a swimmable city and reach the millions of people using the Swim Guide. This service also gives Danes the opportunity to find great swimmable beaches while travelling abroad.