Erik Haalo Hamre

Connect_ since 2020

Dovendyr Medier

I'm danish-norwegian, but grew up in Denmark, spent some time studying and working in Asia as well. I currently live in Copenhagen, near Islands Brygge and like it there a lot.

I run a solo company, creating commercial consumer websites, that earn income from ads and performance marketing/affiliate marketing. Think Pricerunner. My company name refers to a philosophy of trying to work smarter, not harder.

I'm now trying to scale into more markets, domestic and international.

I run a number of commercial websites with a total of more than 50.000 monthly unique visitors.

I have a background in SEO, but work more with content creation and coding today. I also do analytics and content marketing.

I pretty much do all tasks related to running a profitable website, more of a generalist than an expert.

Business focus:

Price comparison and consumer information websites in a number of niches, such as fitness equipment and kitchen appliances.