Emil Steglich-Petersen

Staff since 2005



I love to work with people in various professions, and view Republikkens as the perfect place for me to continuously become inspired and challenged. I have a background studying history and social science.
I co-founded Republikken in 2005 and have been an active part of developing Republikken but also supporting the general coworking and fablab culture in Denmark.
I am always interested in expanding my network and creating new exciting collaborations. Please reach out.

I am the General manager of Republikken, making sure Republikkens is on the right track and everybody is happy to work both for and from Republikken.

Republikkens is a meeting place for creative entrepreneurs and businesses. We create a culture where people work independently and together in trust- and playful environment. Besides being an office space and professional network for self-employed people we welcome corporations and other organizations to participate in our events and community.