Frederik Bundgaard

Coworking Space since 2021

UX mentor IVS

Managing partner

Hi! I am an independent UX consultant working with all aspects of the user experience: User research and insights, concept development and design, user testing and validation. Customers include Bilka, føtex, Netto, Københavns Kommune, and several ministeries.

I have worked for 10+ years in the field, but have a technical background with a Ph.D. in nanotechnology and a minor in music. I live near Kbh. H., so Republikken is only 3 min away...

I am specialised in User Experience, but have an extremely broad background and knowledge of many fields, including research and development. This often makes me the one bridging gaps in projects, and the one insisting on shifting perspective, and continuously zoom in and out to get the right perspective. I love creating concepts - be it for apps, webpages, or physical products, and I love working with other skilled people to achieve great results. And I love cake...

UX mentor is a network based consultancy that delivers everything User Experience-related. From basic user insights, needs and wants, over concept development in close collaboration with developers, to delivering pixel perfect design and user testing what has been implemented. UX mentor is network based meaning that the team will be set from project to project, always using the right people, be it a Copenhagen based researcher or an off-shore designer.