Lise Bendix

Coworking Space since 2021


BA political science
Journalist, speaker, editor, TV-host
Senior C(S)R and communications advisor

29 years experience.
1. Advising, teaching and executing sharply between helicopter (strategic level) and engine room (tactic and operational level)
2. Creating confidence, motivating, involving and communicating clearly and respectfully at all levels with all types
3. Making things happen
VALUES: Courage, integrity, commitment, orderliness
PASSION: Communication and datadriven C(S)R

Giving advise, teaching and training in communication and C(S)R (CEOs, leaders and employees), stakeholder and issues management, annual report, message- and media training, speak.

CURRENTLY: Developing an online tool for SMVs in management, responsibility and communication - 3 important keys to strengthen the business and attract e.g. customers, talent, investors, partners.