Kristian Helmer Jensen

Alumni since 2016

Kristian Helmer Kommunikation


I hold a BA in Journalism and have a background as a journalist with various Danish newspapers. For the past 7 years I worked with PR and communications for large public organizations and recently a small private company. I have specific experience and skills within PR and storytelling for digital platforms and recently did a lot of copywriting too. On a personal note I play tennis several times a week and also play the bass with a special liking for soul and rock.

I tell stories for companies and help them get their message across to their target audience. I am good at identifying and telling about their unique selling point and thus creating contact to potential customers.

I have 11 years of experience as a journalist and communications officer. As a journalist I worked with dailies such as Metro, Sjællandske Medier and Politiken. As a communications officer I worked with i.e. UCC and Hjemmeværnskommandoen.

I do storytelling and copywriting for web, social media, newsletters, brochures and adds.
I do PR and press relations.
I do the entire website-development for companies in collaboration with it-professionals and graphic designers.
I teach written communications and PR to employees in all manners of companies.