Lone Aller

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I'm Danish and live in Copenhagen. Psychologist with extensive international business experience. Married, mother of 2, grandmother of 3.

Strategic selling to international corporate clients for more than 20 years, helping “Big Deal” teams secure a total value exceeding USD 3 Bn across a multitude of engagements.
Pursued business scope: digital transformation, consulting, outsourcing, M&A.
Client industries include manufacturing, defense, travel, retail, facility services, and resources.

Passionate about building energy, commitment and collaboration in teams.

Sales excellence consulting/workshops – support for strategic pursuits and management of relationships. For deal teams, account – and sales leadership.

1:1 sessions to grow awareness, resilience and a strong sense of responsibility, helping to overcome and learn from the challenges of modern working life.

Talks to inspire, entertain, and suggest routes for further self-development. For kick-offs, staff meetings, executive development, and team-building.