Luis Fonseca

Coworking Space since 2018

Match-Maker Ventures

Startup Engagement Manager

Original from Lisbon, Portugal, but lived in 5 countries up until today (Portugal, Italy, Cambodia, Austria and Denmark). Studied International Business Management, and gathered professional experience in startup innovation, telecommunications and non-profit organisations.
Besides that, I am a huge Benfica fan!

Today I am helping startups scale up by connecting them with large corporate customers. I believe that great ideas should always have a fair chance of succeeding, and for that reason I try to help them scale through the resources of large corporates.
As a very talkative guy, I am happy to leverage my personality in order to help startups and corporate speak the same language.

Match-Maker Ventures is matching startups with corporations to realize the 1+1 = 3 promise. MMV has one critical mission: to become the global reference to make startup-corporate collaboration simple and successful.
We do this in two-ways: (1) Match-Making: We work with a portfolio of startups ready to create value with and for corporates.
(2) Corporate Innovation Services: Projects for corporate customer, where we find, validate, set up and drive startup collaborations in specific domains.