Mikkel Holmgaard

Private Office since 2015

Åffice Aps


I'm Mikkel. I'm 29 and I just finished my education this autumn 2015. So what are my expertises? Well I like to think outside the box even though I've spent the last 6 years thinking inside it and getting pretty good at it, if I should say it myself. Else I like to be social working in project groups - help each other to help each other.

I have a passion for being good a what I do. Since I do a lot of different things in my job, that actually says a lot, and I think it's always get better at doing something.

So. I have some experience since I took a 6 month internship during my studies and I chose to take a year of my masters in political science abroad. I went to Lyon in France and learned to speak French etc.