Michael Rankenberg Jæger

Private Office since 2020

MBP Solutions Ltd

Key Account Manager

Educated in shipping at AP Møller and Master of Forestry from the Royal Agricultural & Veterinarian University in Copenhagen. Has worked internationally from 1990 until March 2019 when I returned to Denmark - postings in New York, London, Kota Kinabalu, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Swaziland, Bali and Switzerland.

Work as Key Account Manager at MBP Solutions Ltd, a Swiss Company working with biological by-products like fish oils, oleochemical residues, spent grains from beverage etc.

In conformity with the ideas of the circular economy the by-products that MBP Solutions handle are reused as animal feed, bio-fuels, for anaerobic digestions and various niche technical application. MBP Solutions has a world wide focus and handles abut 200,000mt of various by products annually. We work as a fixed contractor for about 30 companies world wide but also trades biological by-products - mainly oils and fats.