Frederik Øhrgaard

Connect_ since 2020

Hi! 👋

My name is Frederik, 32 years old, and super excited to be part of the community. I'm very curious by nature and therefore also a big believer in skill and knowledge sharing.

Some background about me:

👨‍🎓 Graduate from Copenhagen Business School (Cand.Merc.SOL)
🏭 Currently working at KILROY, leading their innovation lab. Previously I have worked within the start-up and software industry.
🏐 Loves all kinds of sports (for now beach volleyball). Former World Champion in bowling (not kidding..)

✔️Strategy & Business development
✔️Customer research & data insights
✔️Growth hacking
✔️CRM / Tech tools
✔️Sales & partnerships
✔️Digital marketing
✔️Product innovation (Design Thinking)
✔️Vast experience from travel and software industry

For now I'm a freelancer, but hope to some day launch my own business within the travel and co-working sector. Reach out if you would like to hear more :)