Aart Director Sascha Jespersen

Coworking Space since 2014

Sascha Jespersen

The Danish School of Visual Communication – Art Director / Graphic Designer
Hyper Island (Stockholm) – Interactive Art Director, the worlds #1 education in digital media
...And a lot of different courses!

I'm a Creative Director, Art Director and Graphic Designer.
I live for creating concepts and making them come to life! 12 years of experience as a creative in the advertising business. Now I have my own network based agency. My clients are mainly ministries, GO and NGO's. But Ideas come from the same place – somewhere between life experience, research and magic.

A network based agency! I can handpick the best people for the job to work with me. And it also means, that almost anything you can think of (within design and advertising) my agency can make. From visual identities, print material to digital experiences, film commercials and big campaigns involving it all!

Notable Work