Philip Sevelius

Connect_ since 2015


Owner / Lead Advisor

I am a professionally curious former accountant and banker who lived in London for 9 years before moving to Stockholm (I'm Swedish) where I worked with changing and deregulating the pharmacy market, as well as building a state-owned franchise type pharmacy chain (Apoteksgruppen) as one of the major market participants in Sweden. I also lead the sales of 150 pharmacies to entrepreneurs & franchisees for about 5 years before starting my own advisory company in 2015 and moving to Denmark.

These days I work for and with entrepreneurs and owners of small- and medium businesses primarily in the Swedish pharmacy market whom I advise on divestments, valuations, acquisitions and business development.
I also use my experience of business development, business case reviews (of which I have done 100s over the years), project management and startups in general to invest in and support early stage businesses - so far a couple in both Sweden and Denmark.

Advisory services and support for businesses that are either going to be sold, have another ownership related event (e.g. one party buying out the other), financing or business build and development.
We have particularly strong experience and well-developed network within legal and financial sectors, primarily in Sweden but also in Denmark and international.