Shamiel Jansen

Connect_ since 2022



I am a passionate entrepreneur with over a decade of experience, which I have spent founding and consulting for corporates and startups in both South Africa & Denmark.

My mission is to inspire and educate entrepreneurs with resources and tools for starting, managing and growing their business.

My vision is to create a community that supports and strengthens the Danish entrepreneurial ecosystem into a new era of development & growth.

I create a customised growth plan suited to their unique circumstances that accelerates the growth and profitability of their business. This means a business that generates wealth for the shareholders, creating an investment opportunity for prospective funders or an acquisition target for corporates.

I work with early-stage startups but also established companies that aim to capture market share or generally seek to broaden their market scope. I enjoy working within a collaborative environment, alongside driven, focused and fun-loving individuals.

My main competencies are financing, business development, sales, funding and strategy whilst having experience within the tech, retail, medtech and financial services industries. This includes international B2C & B2B experience on an executive level.