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Rasmus Adrian

I am a seasoned executive, creative producer and consultant with years of experience from working with performing arts. I have held positions as producer and executive at a.o. The Royal Library in Copenhagen, Concerto Copenhagen, Theater Republique, South Denmark Philharmonic and Hotel Pro Forma.
I have degrees in musicology, arts management and public administration
Recently I established my own production company, norobo, with a focus on art projects in between music and theater.

My main work is focused on identifying, initiating and supporting works by artists across music and theater. The projects I work on are collaborative by nature and involve artists with diverse and international experience. Through norobo I commission, develop, produce and tour work worldwide.

Norobo is a cutting-edge international production company with a special love for music and theater. We work internationally with artist across genres. 

We have a strong professional foundation in arts management and offer consulting and services to culture organizations and public entities.

Norobo believes that art is uniquely powerful in its ability to shape our understanding of the world. And that the actual meetings between performers and audiences have a special place in this endeavour.