Coworking Copenhagen

Coworking Copenhagen

Coworking on Vesterbrogade

Coworking Copenhagen, 7 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station. Choose our flexible workpass, monthly memberships or private offices.

Our mission is to create the world’s best workspace for passionate self-employed people and small companies.

We want Republikken to be a place where people and companies grow, where ideas interact and where it feels good to go to work. We cherish working with other passionate people and understand the value of sharing knowledge and network.

Republikken is open for all trades and we encourage co-creation and mutual inspiration. We have members working with architecture, graphic and furniture design, coding, engineering, media, communication, journalism and more.

We have more than 200 members working and coworking independently here at Republikken.

Don’t just take our word for it! Republikken is one of the best coworking spaces in Copenhagen rated by both Travelmag and Surfoffice.

Guided Tour

30 min. See and feel the community vibe while hearing about the different membership and office options at Republikken.

Only 7 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station

Coworking options

Republikken coworking
Republikken coworking
Republikken coworking
Republikken coworking
Republikken coworking

Coworking Copenhagen – only 7 minutes from Central Station

Republikken café
Republikken space

Compare our Coworking Copenhagen options

Work from Republikken for a couple of hours or for a full day with a Daypass including coffee, tea and speedy wifi. Work from our open Coworking Café as a Fly Desk or Hot Desk member, get access to a huge professional network, your company address at Republikken and of course free espresso and tea.

As a Flex Desk or Fixed Desk member in our coworking space you get colleagues, lots of office services, and free meeting rooms -accessible 24/7. Need your Private Office, but still want to be a part of a greater network? We have 23 private offices for small companies of up to 8 people.

Fly DeskHot DeskFlex DeskFixed DeskPrivate Office
Access4 days per monthEvery weekdayEvery dayEvery dayEvery day
Open8-17 on weekdays8-17 on weekdays24/7 with key24/7 with key24/7 with key
AreaCafé areaCafé areaCoworking spaceCoworking spaceOwn office
SeatingChairsChairsOffice chairsOffice chairsYou decide
NetworkEvents and GroupsEvents and GroupsEvents and GroupsEvents and GroupsEvents and Groups
Meeting roomsDiscount on roomsDiscount on roomsDiscount on rooms / buy creditsSome free roomsSome free rooms
KitchenEverything you needEverything you needEverything you need
RelaxLounge with couchesLounge with couchesLounge with couches
StorageClear your desk dailyLeave your stuffLeave your stuff

Coworking, café, or working from home?

When starting as self-employed, it can be tempting to save some money and work from home, but we believe it is much better to be part of an coworking community.

Many of our members express their happiness in separating their work and personal life by having “a place to go to work,” rather than going from the couch to the dining table and back again.

Additionally, they often share that they initially searched for “Coworking Copenhagen” and focused on the hard facts like price, location, and coffee, rather than the softer values such as networking and social community.

We invest a lot of energy into fostering a sense of community in our coworking space as it provides members with “colleagues” as entrepreneurs, often leading to collaborations across the community.

Of course, there is also a third option of working at a café. Aside from the cost, as the coffee quickly adds up to 50 DKK, we often hear about other challenges.

First and foremost, a café is not designed as a workspace but as a social meeting place. While we all know this, one can still be surprised by the amount of noise and distractions.

Furthermore, a café is not the most professional place to invite clients or business partners for a meeting, and privacy for your conversations and business secrets is out of the question.

In contrast, a coworking community provides the option of booking meeting rooms and a business address for receiving mail, unlike a café.