Meeting Room Copenhagen

Meeting rooms with catering in Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Meeting Room Copenhagen

Meeting Room Copenhagen? Book one of our 6 meeting rooms in Copenhagen by the hour or for a day – 7 min from Copenhagen Central Station.

Book one of Republic’s 6 meeting rooms in Vesterbro on an hourly basis or for a whole day. Prices start at just 190 DKK, and you can book the meeting room in both full and half-hour increments – so it perfectly suits your needs.

Utilize our informal and creative surroundings for all types of meetings when you need a location in the center of Copenhagen. Republic is suitable for hosting workshops, client meetings, and job interviews.

Refreshments during the meeting

If you need something to eat and drink during the meeting, we are happy to provide croissants and fruit for the morning meeting, lunch, and, of course, cake for afternoon coffee.

Check out our catering packages at the bottom of the page, where you can also book a meeting room. After a successful meeting, you can purchase a beer in the café – and, of course, we also offer vegan chocolate.

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8-17
It is often possible to stay outside opening hours by request.

The meeting rooms are of various sizes and can hold between 3 and 15 people.

We are situated a 7 min walk from Copenhagen Central station and a 5 min walk from Skt. Jørgen lake – a perfect spot for a break.

Parking across the street, next to Lidl, where you have to pay for parking, like everywhere else in Copenhagen.

Please send an inquiry for availability or book a meeting room yourself on this page.

Hungry or thirsty? Check out our catering packages below.

Meeting Rooms 7 minutes from Central Station

Republic is located just a 7-minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station, making it super convenient for you and your guests when you’re working elsewhere in Copenhagen or coming from afar.

If you arrive by car, you can park in the parking garage at Lidl on the opposite side of the street, while we have bicycle parking in the backyard for our two-wheeled guests at Meeting Room Copenhagen.

Meeting Rooms

You can book your meeting room below through our smart booking system, where you create an account for your company the first time – after that, booking meeting rooms can be done in just a few seconds.

Our only requirement is that you book your meeting room 48 hours in advance. If you need assistance, you can always contact, who can also make a manual booking on your behalf.

Meeting Room in Copenhagen
Meeting Room in Copenhagen
Meeting Room

Catering Packages for Meetings

Republikken offers various types of catering during the day – served in the meeting room. Lunch is served in the meeting room or in the lunch canteen.

The lunch is a delicious, healthy and vegetarian (vegan available on request) buffet from Meyers, and is served at your own table in our lunch canteen from 11.45 to 12.15.

Everything you need for the meeting room

Our staff is ready at the reception when you and the other participants arrive for the meeting. All meeting rooms are located adjacent to our cozy work café, where you can grab a cup of coffee if you arrive early.

In the reception area, you will also find all kinds of adapters to easily connect your computer to the LED screen in the meeting room. You can also freely draw on our whiteboards or use a paper-based flipchart if you prefer the old-school approach.