Office Copenhagen

Office Copenhagen

Office Copenhagen on Vesterbrogade

Office Copenhagen offers the perfect blend of privacy and a vibrant coworking network. Our location is only 7 minutes away from Copenhagen Central, providing convenience and accessibility.

With over 15 years of experience, Republikken has grown from a single coworking space to a diverse selection of private offices, totaling more than 3500 m2.

Our private offices come in various sizes, and the pricing is based on the office’s dimensions. Starting at 4500 DKK for a small office, our private offices can accommodate between 1 and 8 individuals.

Additionally, there is a service fee of 165 DKK per person, which includes perks like complimentary coffee, espresso, tea, and access to a range of meeting rooms for you and your guests. All our offices are located on Vesterbrogade, just a short 7-minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station.

Currently, we have 30 private offices occupied by a diverse range of companies, including marketing specialists, stock brokers, artists, musicians, and inventors. We form a tightly knit community here at Republikken, where knowledge is shared, social connections are formed, and collaboration thrives across companies and specialties.

Design your office as you wish

When you choose our private offices, you bring your own furniture, and we take care of the rest. We ensure that your office is clean, the Wi-Fi is reliable, the coffee brewer is ready, and the printer is installed and functional.

In addition to these amenities, you’ll enjoy complimentary use of selected meeting rooms and access to the same benefits as our coworking members.

Each of our private offices has its unique charm, maintaining its original characteristics while being equipped with modern office facilities, including high-speed internet, thermo windows, and more.

Classic Copenhagen Style

Some of our offices feature the classic Copenhagen apartment style, while others offer views of Vesterbrogade. There are also spacious offices for those seeking ample space for their creative endeavors. Regardless of the office you choose, all our private offices share the vibrant Republikken community, which provides social events, professional discussions, and an extensive network for you to tap into.

Discover the perfect office space in Copenhagen at Office Copenhagen on Vesterbrogade. Experience the blend of privacy, community, and convenience that sets us apart.

From 3000 DKK (ex. VAT) monthly subscription

You can always terminate your office with a 3-month notice until the 1st of the month. Deposit is equal to 3 months office fee.

Private Office

  • 24/7 access to your own office with a lock
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Access to our coworking with free espresso, tea for you and your guests
  • Address at Republikken
  • Front desk staff to welcome your guests
  • Kitchen
  • A3 high quality printer
  • Storage

Use of selected meeting rooms is included.

Free Community Breakfast Thursdays at 9 am. The breakfast is your chance to get introduced to the network, promote your project and meet potential new collaborators.

Service Fee
There is an additional service fee of 165 DKK/month (ex. VAT) which gives you complimentary coffee and tea for you and your guests.

Office with Built-in Community

When you have your own private office, you can arrange it as you wish and achieve full focus and productivity. But sometimes, you also need a break from all that privacy and some “colleagues” to bump into at the coffee machine.

Fortunately, Republikken is full of exciting members whom you can encounter at the coffee machine, in our coworking space, common areas, and your neighbors in the other offices – as well as at our weekly communal breakfast, where we gather over a coffee and croissant.

Community Breakfast every Thursday

Every Thursday, we introduce a new member, and of course, you also have the chance to tell us more about yourself and your company. Often, this quickly leads to a larger network, and who knows, perhaps new exciting collaboration partners?

An office at Republikken is much more than just four walls – it is also a creative, informal, and warm environment where you have the framework and opportunities to grow as a company – and you can always upgrade to a larger office in the future.

Guided Tour

30 min. See and feel the community vibe while hearing about the different office options at Republikken.

Office Copenhagen pictures

There are many ways to design your private office in Copenhagen. That’s why we have gathered some inspiration from our members, each of whom has decorated their office to perfectly suit them and their company.

Perhaps you and your colleagues prefer clean lines in the office, or maybe you have a business that requires space for lots of equipment? No problem, you have complete control over whether you want tools on the walls or create a sense of Zen in the office.

Office Copenhagen
Office Copenhagen
Office Copenhagen
Office Copenhagen

Guided Tour

30 min. See and feel the community vibe while hearing about the different office options at Republikken.

Available Private Offices

Office for 1-3 people?

Right now we don’t have any offices for 1-3 people, but join the waiting list, and we will get back to you when one is available.
Prices range from 3.000-10.000 DKK monthly.

4 people – 17 m2

9.000 DKK monthly (ex. VAT)
Reference 2102: Corner office on the 2nd floor with space for four people, and quick access from the courtyard, where you can park your bicycles. In the office corridor you will find several other offices and a cozy kitchenette.
Available now

4 people – 20 m2

10.000 DKK monthly (ex. VAT)
Reference 106: Central office with space for four people, right in the middle of Republikken, where you are only a few meters from both meeting rooms, lunch canteen and fandamn good coffee.
Available now

5 people – 20 m2

10.000 DKK monthly (ex. VAT)
Reference 307: Large square office with space for as many as 5 desks – on the 3rd floor with a view of Vesterbrogade.
Available now

5 people – 23 m2

15.000 DKK monthly (ex. VAT)
Reference 1105: Square, practical and good office that is easy to furnish and has space for five workplaces with a view of Vesterbrogade – only 7 minutes to Copenhagen Central Station.
Available now

6 people – 26 m2

12.000 DKK monthly (ex. VAT)
Reference _025: Get an office with plenty of space in our Makerspace, where you are close to e.g. 3D printer and laser cutter – as well as having its own toilet and shower, and access to the cozy courtyard right outside your window.
Available now

Guided Tour

30 min. See and feel the community vibe while hearing about the different office options at Republikken.