3D Printer Repair

3D Printer Repair

3D Printer Repair Copenhagen

3D printer repair in Copenhagen? We love to repair 3D printers. We are simply mad about 3D printers and one of the things we enjoy is to fix and optimise 3D printers such that they have an optimal performance. Therefore, we offer to dig into problems you are having with 3D printers to try and solve them.

The easiest way to identify what’s causing a 3D printer to malfunction is to have us perform a diagnostic of the 3D printer, this includes:

  • Root causes analysis of what’s wrong
  • Suggestions for repairing the 3D printer
  • A 3D printer reparation offer

3D printer diagnostics cost 400 kr. ex. VAT per printer at our shop on Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen. Please contact us using the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

We will do an individual offer, if we have to perform the diagnostics/repair at your facility.

3D printer repairs are a part of our Makerspace at Republikken.

Extend your 3D Printer Lifetime
Besides offering urgent 3D printer repair help, we can help extend the life time of your 3D printers.

Extend the lifetime of you 3D printer by maintaining on a regular and make sure to replace malfunctioning parts before they permanently damage your printer. Based on your usage we recommend a thorough maintenance of 3D printers once or twice a year to avoid damaging components permanently and to extend 3D printer life time.

We offer to perform the thorough 3D printer maintenance for 800 kr. ex. VAT. per printer at our shop.

On top of the thorough maintenance, we recommend to run through our monthly 3D printer maintenance check list for optimizing print quality and consistency.

3D Printer checklist

For FDM printers we recommend to:

  • Lubricate rails
  • Test that the nozzle is not damaged
  • Do a calibration print
  • Remove dust and excess materials from the 3D printer
  • Calibrate Z-axis manually

For SLA printers we recommend to:

  • Remove resin from tray
  • Filter resin
  • Clean foil with alcohol
  • Clean build plate with alcohol
  • Calibrate height

Let’s help

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