Holly McWhorter

Holly McWhorter turns facing death into a strength

Where to start! 

When it comes to Holly McWhorter the list of her talents and qualifications is almost endless: 

Published author, writer, graphic designer, interior architect, fine artist, and consumer brand consultant – all areas she’s still working within, but admittedly would like to narrow down a bit to focus more on a few.  

And not to forget founder of the successful organic plant based skin care brand the PLANT Apothecary she ran for 8 years with her Danish husband, Bjarke. The couple sold the company a few years back but Holly still has a deeply rooted interest in natural skin care and how natural remedies can speed up healing processes.

In her own words she’s a nerd when it comes to that – to the point of having written two books and now working on a third.

Recently she and her husband relocated to Denmark after a lifetime in New York City, and leaving that life behind to start a new hasn’t left much room for Holly McWhorter to choose which of her talents to focus on – yet.
But having so many options to chose from is definitely an advantage. 

At least judging from the advice Holly received from the crowd at today’s Community Breakfast. The message was clear: Don’t leave your American connections behind! Competition can be tough in Denmark – and alternativ treatment is definitely not recognized in Denmark (yet).

So close to dying

But Holly knows something most of us don’t! She almost died when she was very young.

In college she was in a horrible car crash and only barely made it out alive. Unsurprisingly it changed her life. Not to a point that she goes around thinking that she could die any time – that wold be too depressing, but she has become very much aware of what she wants to do with her life.

And while she agrees with the advice she just received, and it undoubtably would be more efficient to focus on one or two things, she’s also here to have a good time. To be happy. To find out how to balance her time and find out what she’s really interested in.

And how do you do that when you are Holly McWhorter? To narrow it down, just think about what you would regret not having dug into if you got hit by a bus tomorrow!

The Challenges, ADHD and coping

The accident changed her life in more ways than appreciating life. The head injury damaged an area of her brain that regulates focus and the ability to structure and prioritize – an area that was already challenged, it turned out.

As an adult Holly McWhorter got diagnosed with ADHD, and that explained at lot. Especially the multiple interests and the challenges of being bored with something if it doesn’t have her full attention or she’s not emotionally connected to it.

But rather than seeing ADHD as a limitation, she has come to appreciate the unique strengths it brings.Particularly the gift of hyperfocus. When she’s deeply passionate about a project, her ADHD allows her to dive into it with exceptional intensity and concentration.

That’s why being freelancer is the perfect solution to these challenges. Holly can choose assignments she knows she can commit a 100% to and deliver what’s expected of her.

Being able to set her own hours and not sitting at a desk knowing that somebody’s expecting her to crank out six hours of work on something she cannot stick her attention to because of the injury and ADHD, makes her life a lot easier

Does a car accident bring anything good?

But the car accident actually led to another important change in Holly’s life. She had no health insurance and could not afford treatment from regular doctors. Eventually she found one that worked with alternative natural remedies that she could afford.

He inspired her to dig into the world of natural remedies for healing and inspired her to write books about the benefits og this kind of treatment. And not least gave her the knowledge to start the skin care company with her husband.

Self-awareness and the future

With that said self-awareness doesn’t do it all. Holly still struggles with insomnia and anxiety and turns to any kind of mindfullness, breathing exercises and meditation to cope.

Being happy is not a straight road for anyone. Holly’s has a few more turns.

And her story is a testament to the power of resilience and self-discovery. She has not only overcome personal challenges but has also thrived in her professional pursuits. Her story is an inspiration for those facing obstacles, demonstrating that embracing one’s unique qualities and interests can lead to a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Such an inspiration to have in the house of Republikken!

And let’s not forget that interests is natural health and wellness, her knowledge about skin care and her fascination with the healing properties of plants has already become a source of interest among her fellow members. Especially the male ones 🙂

Well, Holly McWhorter, maybe you are just what Denmark needs to finally recognize natural remedies in treatment. We root for you and all your talents.

Holly has a Flex Desk in Palmefløjen in Republikken coworking area.

Read more about Holly McWhorter here: https://www.hollymcwhorter.com/ & https://www.hollymcwhorterwrites.com/

Check out her art here: https://www.hollymcwhorterart.com/