Laser Cutting Copenhagen

Makerspace with laser cutter

Laser cutting at Republikken provides self-employed people, students and companies easy and cheap access to develop and realize ideas during development, testing and in production.

With our laser cutter makerspace, you can use our laser machines yourself, or we can help you develop and produce your ideas.

We have the materials, the laser cutter and a certification course -everything you need to create something on your own. In addition, you only pay for the hours you are using the laser workshop, as we offer a pay by the hour solution. It has never been easier to create something by yourself!

Laser cutter in use

Do It Yourself

We arrange laser cutting courses that provide you with the skills to use the laser cutter yourself.

At the course you will learn how to laser cut, use the software to design products and engrave in materials.

Once certified you can book the laser cutter on an hourly basis. We are always glad to get you started if you need a quick brush up before cutting.

Laser cutting of hand in makerspace

Lasercutter Certification

You learn which materials to use and how to operate the machine as well as various tips and tricks to get the best results.

The certification course is 1,5 hours long and costs 300 DKK incl. VAT, free for members.

Additionally we provide courses in Adobe Illustrator and similar tools, check our event calendar for upcoming courses.

Let us help you lasercut

We offer guidance and help to develop your idea into a prototype or a product.

With the help of our staff, external experts, suppliers, builders and our own workshop we can solve a wide range of challenges. Feel free to contact us with any idea you might have.

Lasercutter Prices

We offer great prices for users, who know how to use a laser cutter. Please inform us, if you know how to and we will find a suitable hourly rate, our normal rates are:

  • Certified Members    – 250 DKK/hour*
  • Certified Users           – 450 DKK/hour*
  • Certified Students     – 350 DKK/hour*
  • NOT Certified Users  – 850 DKK/hour**

*Listed prices include VAT.

**Do you need to use the LaserCutter, but can’t do it yourself? We would like to help. Please call us  +45 88 300 122

Laser cutter Copenhagen - ULS laser cutter makerlab Copenhagen

Laser cutter type

Our beloved lasercutter is a Universal Laser Systems VLS6.60

The laser cutter can cut many type of materials, including:

  • Acrylic (max 8 mm)
  • HDF (max 8 mm)
  • Leather
  • Filt
  • Stamp rubber
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plywood (max 10 mm)
  • 50 WATT
  • Maximum cutting area of 810*450mm.

Book laser cutter


Plywood, birch

3 mm – 53 DKK


3 mm – 35 DKK

4 mm – 40 DKK

6 mm – 50 DKK

Acrylic, transparent

2 mm – 94 DKK

3 mm – 135 DKK

4 mm – 158 DKK

5 mm – 200 DKK

Unfortunately, we cannot assure that all materials are in stock.

Please call (+45) 88 300 122 in advance if you wish to know more about our selection of specific materials.

You can bring your own material.

It is however crucial that it DOES NOT CONTAIN CHLORINE, as it is very toxic.

All prices include VAT.