Elliot Frost

People with a Passion: Elliot Frost

Tell us about your work

I am a freelance copywriter working for a digital marketing company based in London. What I do mainly is content marketing for various companies in IT, finance, AI, construction, food, e.t.c. It involves lots of research in an area you never considered researching before, and they are sometimes really complicated and technical. It is the biggest challenge for me to understand them quickly, but I learn a lot.

I grew up in Colchester, a suburb of London, and I used to love seeing the billboards and advertisements. I was obsessed with Apple marketing, and I even did my dissertation at my university about its advertising.

Elliot Frost

To be a good copywriter, you have to be a good observant. You also need to be emotionally intelligent so that you can understand how people feel when they read something. You should be talking about how your product makes their customers feel, rather than the features. I want to have an impact with words. I actually started working on writing a book. It is my dream right now.

I moved to Copenhagen to live with my girlfriend, and I just love being here. This is my favorite city in the world, and I want to stay here forever.

The beauty of freelance is to be able to work anywhere. People want more freedom, and I believe they can actually deliver better work with more freedom, and also have a better job satisfaction.
I am 26 and I have lots of different passions, so honestly, it is hard to say what I want to be in 5 years time. But I want to be in Copenhagen with a job I love, which would be something creative, with good people.

I want to have an impact with words.

Elliot Frost

What’s your passion?

Music is my number one passion. I played drums in a band and when I was 16, our band won a competition at the local music festival. We played in front of 400-500 people, which was quite big for us. We even recorded an album since my father had his own recording studio. I don’t have a drum set any more since I moved here, but now I am learning the guitar. I aim for finding a band in Copenhagen since I really miss playing with people.

I also have been running since I was 14. Here I run around the lakes 3-4 times a week. It just make me feel calm and relaxed and keeps me well. I did the DHL run with Republikken members in August, and I have now signed up for the next year’s full marathon in Copenhagen.

Republikken at the DHL Run

What do you like about Republikken?

Republikken was a recommendation from my friend and I cannot imagine working anywhere else. As long as I am a freelancer, I am staying here.

In England, I worked at “We Work”. I liked that, but Republikken is much more open and communal, and it does not feel cooperate. People have breakfast together and chat. It feels like a family. Also, the Friday Bar is something I always look forward to at the end of the week. I love going there and having fun.