Troels Plenge

People with a Passion: Troels Plenge

Tell us about your work

I love to work on projects where I meet other people and I find our values are aligned. I spend most of my time working on co-creating ideas and building things with lots of different people. It’s about creating synergy. I come from a startup background, and two years ago I decided to leave the startup world. I felt there was a need for something else rather than being a startup founder. The projects I work on now look at how we can collaborate, join forces, and build something that’s even better together.

Troels Plenge

One of the projects I am part of is based in Roskilde. We are creating an energy collective from the ground up. We are working with a small community of 20 houses with solar panels on their roofs and 6 electric cars. In the project we explore how they can share their energy with their neighbors and possibly even build a complementary economy around energy. It is an open source project, and we are innovating as partners in an academic research project as well as collaborating with another group of hackers in France exploring the same ideas. The approach is collaborative and it’s part of a bigger dream about how local energy projects could develop.

The projects I work on look at how we can collaborate, join forces and build something that’s even better together.

Troels Plenge

What’s your passion?

I’m currently working with other co-creators on setting up a bar in Copenhagen to bring together community organisers who want to create a better future through their work. The idea is to create a network where we leverage the knowledge and network of each other to create stronger and better communities in Copenhagen. It started with an idea, then other people wanted to join in, and now it’s starting to get momentum. It’s going to happen once a month and be run by all of us – the community organizers. I like the idea that we are creating it together.

What do you like most about Republikken?

It’s a really good network and an easy place to work if you run your own business. Republikken is full of independent people, not just different companies, and they are easy to talk to. It helps that they are not too young either– it’s easy if you’re working on your own to meet new people. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. And of course, Inez and Johanne make incredible vegetarian friendly food in the kitchen.