Mikki Dall

The Value of Republikken’s Community

When I started my company in January I knew I needed to find a place to work away from home, which the Corona Crisis has proved on multiple levels since. But after being at Republikken for six months, my reasons for being a member have shifted from tangibles like a desk, coffee and wifi to intangibles like community, networking and karma.

80% of my sales are from Republikken’s Community

The choice to join Republikken has been essential in getting my business of the ground financially, since I can trace 80% of my sales back to the community so far. I’m not really comfortable being a stereotypical salesperson, so it has been a relief connecting with fellow members through Republikkens Learning groups first and only later finding areas where I could help people.

Network meeting at Republikken

Network meeting at Republikken

Help as a Community Currency

It’s clear that Help is the main currency in the Republikken community. Every Thursday at community breakfast, the weekly speaker ends their presentation by answering the questions; “What do I need help with” and “What how can I help other people”. Basically the community is build around the idea that the more you give the more you get.

My approach has been to just talk with a lot of people about what they do and sharing my knowledge free of charge. As a person I like to help first and foremost, sometimes the help leads to sales other times nothing happens, but I’m confident that everything I give adds to my karma currency to my account – which will pay back eventually.

About Mikki Dall
Mikki Dall is a marketing consultant at Gnist Branding within the areas of business models, marketing and websites. Gnist Branding is based on a co-creation/workshop approach for small and medium-sized companies that wants to kickstart their marketing.