Apptitude: Innovating Software Solutions

Apptitude, founded by Tobias and Mikkel, creates innovative software solutions and helps municipalities manage waste more effectively.

At Republikken’s recent Community Breakfast, we had the pleasure of hearing from Tobias and Mikkel, the founders of Apptitude. This dynamic duo specializes in full-stack software development, delivering comprehensive solutions from backend to frontend. Their company, Apptitude, is a testament to their ingenuity and collaborative spirit.

The Birth of Apptitude

Tobias and Mikkel’s journey began during their time as software engineering students. They first bonded over a shared entrepreneurial spirit, starting a Friday bar at their campus. This early venture, while not lucrative, ignited their passion for business. Recognizing that their future lay beyond selling beers, they pivoted towards software development.

Diverse Projects and Major Clients

Apptitude focuses on app development, creating intricate systems and integrations to support various applications. One of their most notable projects is an app for the company Perfect Trash. This app helps municipalities manage waste disposal more efficiently, allowing users to scan products and determine the correct recycling methods. This project showcases Apptitude’s ability to tackle complex problems with innovative solutions.

Expanding Horizons with Self Space

In addition to Apptitude, Tobias and Mikkel have also ventured into the wellness industry with their app, Self Space. This self-therapy app, developed in collaboration with a psychologist, offers courses on managing stress and improving sleep. It features videos and exercises tailored to individual needs, aiming to support users while they await or complement traditional therapy sessions.

A Vision for the Future

While Apptitude remains a small team, the founders envision growth. They manage their workload with the help of freelancers, aiming to maintain high-quality standards while exploring opportunities to expand their team. Tobias and Mikkel’s dedication to their craft and innovative approach continue to drive

Apptitude forward

Apptitude’s story is one of creativity, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Tobias and Mikkel exemplify how collaboration and a shared vision can lead to remarkable achievements in software development. Keep an eye on Apptitude as they continue to transform ideas into impactful solutions.