Livia Dolle

Livia Dolle: Innovation and Impact

Livia Dolle shares her journey in tech innovation, with her newest company TEKS, at Republikken’s Community Breakfast.

This week at Republikken’s Community Breakfast, we had the pleasure of meeting Livia Dolle. At just 29, Livia is a dynamic entrepreneur. She is currently working on an innovative SMS-to-AI tool called “TEKS,” and manages a small angel fund. Originally from Germany, Livia spends every other week in Copenhagen. Besides her impressive career, she is a mother of two daughters, aged three and five.

Livia Dolle: A Journey in Entrepreneurship

Livia’s entrepreneurial journey began with an influencer management agency. She successfully grew this venture until 2021. Then, she shifted focus to an agency tool for selling organic content, which she sold by the end of 2022. Now, she is dedicated to her latest project, TEKS. This SMS tool bridges the connectivity gap for people in areas with limited internet access, such as rural regions in the Philippines and Brazil.

The Vision Behind TEKS

TEKS aims to support over 2.8 billion people who lack stable internet connections. By providing essential information through SMS, TEKS is particularly valuable in disaster-prone areas. For instance, during emergencies, people can text to get crucial information like the safety of drinking water. The data collected is also used to improve AI models, ensuring they are inclusive of global South data.

Challenges and Impact

Building TEKS has not been without challenges. One significant hurdle is the lack of training data for specific regional dialects. Another is ensuring the accuracy of health-related responses. Despite these challenges, the impact is profound. Livia shared a story about a high school teacher in a rural Philippine area who relies on TEKS to assist with his students’ education. This is a testament to TEKS’ potential to make a significant difference.

Balancing Work and Family

Livia balances her demanding career with being a mother. She spends her time in Copenhagen working full-time one week, and the next week with her family in Germany. Her dedication to both her professional and personal life is inspiring.

How to Get Involved

Livia is open to collaboration. She seeks expertise in MarTech, NGO partnerships, and language specialists to improve TEKS. Additionally, marketing and fundraising support is always welcome. If you can assist, especially with website building or data management, Livia would love to connect.

We look forward to seeing how TEKS evolves and makes a difference in the lives of many.