Giorgia Lombardo

Giorgia Lombardo – The Woman Behind the Curtain at Design Matters

Giorgia Lombardo with a chat about pulling the strings behind the curtain at Design Matters events, blending art and strategy.

This morning, we had the chance to chat with Giorgia over coffee at our Community Breakfast. She’s the kind of person you can’t help but be drawn to – her role in communication and management at Design Matters has her juggling a lot, yet she does it with such ease and flair. Let’s dive into what makes her tick and how she’s shaping the world of digital design.

A Day in the Life of Giorgia Lombardo at Design Matters

Giorgia’s job is a blend of art and strategy. She’s the wizard behind organizing some of the most talked-about digital design conferences, from the local scene in Copenhagen to the bustling streets of Tokyo. Her approach is all about bringing together different perspectives, making each event a melting pot of ideas.

Her background is as eclectic as it gets – a combination of Japanese studies and management. It’s this unique mix that gives her an edge in understanding the intricate tapestry of the global design scene.

Taking Design Matters Global

What’s really cool about Giorgia’s work is how she’s taken Design Matters to an international stage. Each conference is a new chapter, a story of blending local insights with global trends. The Tokyo expansion, for instance, wasn’t just about showcasing design; it became a platform for cultural exchange.

Adapting and Innovating Through Challenges

When COVID hit, Giorgia didn’t miss a beat. She shifted gears, moving events online and introducing themes that resonated with the times – sustainability, diversity, you name it. This adaptability shows her depth not just as an organizer but as a thought leader in the digital design space.

Giorgia Outside the Conference Room

Away from the hustle of conferences, Giorgia unwinds with hobbies that are as unique as her career. From crafting custom chess pieces to dabbling in rug-making, she finds joy in the tangible, a stark contrast to her digital-centric profession.

Giorgia: The Heart and Soul of Design Matters

Chatting with Giorgia, it’s clear she’s not just about running events. She’s creating experiences, fostering a community where design isn’t just discussed but lived. Her journey is a testament to how diverse skills and passions can come together to make a real impact in the world of design.