Tobias Hahn Madsen – the source of his passion

About finding your place in life

Move over, Jim Carrey – there’s a new Yes Man in town.
Meet Tobias Hahn Madsen, Sourcing Specialist and someone who doesn’t give up until he has found the answer! At least in one specific case – his own life.
His strategy? By saying yes.

Yes to jobs and assignments that were offered to him as a young mand fresh out of school with no idea about what to do with his life.
He just knew that with no specific skill-set and no burning ambition school-wise he had to keep looking for the one thing that could become “his thing”.
So he did and today he’s quite experienced within sourcing and production despite his young age.

His willingness to take on various roles and challenges allowed him to acquire a unique set of skills and insights. This journey of continuous learning and adaptation culminated in the creation of his own company, Hahn Produkter, where he now offers expertise in sourcing, production, and product development.

An expertise that is diverse and ranges from electronics and medical devices to furniture and home interiors. The broad range definitely being a strategic advantage, allowing Tobias Hahn Madsen to tailor his approach to the specific needs of each product.

And this weeks Community Breakfast was such an eyeopener to the world of production. It became evident that choosing a factory isn’t just a random pick. It takes a lot of research to find a perfect match and a lot of effort to build a good business relationship. And just as important: to find the right business model.

A Transparent Business Model

What also became clear on this Thursday morning was how important it is to Tobias Hahn Madsen to be transparen when offering his services.

In an industry often dominated by percentage-based fees, Tobias prefers an hourly or project-based model which is more transparent and doesn’t cost the clients more money, the more they need to produce.
His goal? To make the sourcing process honest. And to give his clients more control and understanding of their production costs and processes with the aim to eventually take over and be in control. A strategy that might seem counterintuitive but is grounded in building lasting trust and a cornerstone of his business philosophy.

For him, it’s about being an honest businessman but as he says, jokingly, it will probably end up making him unemployed in the end.

Joking aside, there are pros and cons to both models and despite – often – costing the clients more money, the percentage-model sometines just works better in some case.

Tobias – no joking here – we are just happy to have an honest business man in the house. And you’ll find a pool of peers in the halls of Republikken, that’s for sure.

And like one of our members and product developers said: “Tobias is one to stick to! He’ll be an important player in this field”.
We cannot disagree on that and can only add that Tobias Hahn Madsen is someone who gives himself a 100% when it comes to whatever he sets his mind on.

Finding the right match – at the right price

One of the critical aspects of Tobias Hahn Madsen’s work is staying updated with the ever-changing landscape of suppliers and manufacturers. He continuously explore new opportunities and trends, ensuring his clients get the best options available.

However, he admits, sometimes finding new suppliers is a mix of deliberate search and serendipity. Using tools like Alibaba and leveraging old connections, he keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry.

And his expertise is not just about finding the right factory.
It’s about navigating the intricate complexities of global sourcing, especially in places like China. His approach is comprehensive, focusing on establishing productive collaborations, understanding designs, and setting up quality processes. This holistic method reduces risks and sets a foundation for successful production.

More importantly, Tobias doesn’t shy away from addressing the ethical dilemmas in sourcing. The choice between European and Chinese and now Indian and American suppliers often boils down to a complex interplay of costs, ethics, and practicality.

He acknowledges that environmental concerns are increasingly influencing these decisions, though economic factors often tip the scales.

His Calling vs. True Passion

As happy Tobias is that he has found his – let’s call it – true calling, it’s no secret that his boyhood dream was something entirely different. He wanted to be a rock star!

And so he went for it! For six years he gave it his all as a drummer in the band Before Fire and even went to London with his band mates to pursue the dream.
But as fate would have it, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 cut this chapter short, leading him back to Denmark. London was short and sweet.

Meeting this Clark Kent of Sourcing and hearing him talk, we bet he would have made it to the big stages all over the world if it wasn’t for dream-crushing Covid-19.

Fortunately, for all current and future clients, Tobias now channells his talents into sourcing, but we bet (once again) that he still pulls out his drumsticks and drums like there’s no tomorrow. Once a rock star, always a rock star.   

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