Sune Jakobsen

Sune Jakobsen and his Innovative Apple Watch Habit Buster

Sune Jakobsen and his Apple Watch app might revolutionize habit-breaking. Learn how this innovative blend of technology and psychology helps users break bad habits with precision.

At today’s Community Breakfast hosted at Republikken in Copenhagen, members were in for a treat. Sune Jacobsen, a recent addition to the Republikken community, shared his groundbreaking project that might revolutionize habit-breaking— an app for the Apple Watch.

Sune Jakobsen has been a Republikken member for three weeks now and plans to extend his stay for two more months. As he introduced himself, he delved right into the exciting world of app development for the Apple Watch, which is aimed at helping users become aware of and break their bad habits.

Detecting Bad Habits

So, what’s the concept behind Sune’s innovative app? The app taps into the Apple Watch’s capabilities to detect and interrupt bad habits before they become ingrained. For instance, consider the common habit of nail-biting. Users can select this specific habit, and when the app senses their hand approaching their mouth, the watch vibrates, serving as an immediate, gentle reminder to stop.

But how does the app distinguish between intentional actions and the bad habit? Sune Jakobsen revealed that the secret lies in a machine learning algorithm. Over time, the app learns from the user’s movements, fine-tuning its accuracy and minimizing false positives. Users can also provide feedback to enhance the app’s performance.

While nail-biting and hair-pulling are the initial targets, Sune envisions a broader range of applications. Nose picking was mentioned as a potential use case, demonstrating the app’s versatility and adaptability.

Inspiration from COVID-19

Sune’s inspiration for this project traces back to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally, he wanted to create an app to remind people not to touch their faces, but his idea evolved into this comprehensive habit-breaking solution. His journey began when he encountered a potential user who struggled with hair-pulling. This encounter sparked his realization of the app’s wider potential.

Sune Jakobsen and the Plans for the Future

Currently, Sune Jakobsen and his partner, Marina, are hard at work developing the app. They’re actively seeking beta testers to help refine the product, and they’re considering various launch strategies, including focusing on specific target markets.

During the community breakfast, participants suggested exploring the link between certain habits and underlying nervous conditions like ADHD, autism, or anxiety. This could open doors to potential partnerships with research foundations.

In closing, Sune Jacobsen’s Apple Watch habit buster app is a testament to innovation fueled by a desire to make a positive impact. It showcases how even a small idea can evolve into a powerful solution and embodies the spirit of collaboration and continuous improvement within the tech community. As Sune’s project unfolds, we eagerly anticipate its potential to help individuals break free from their bad habits and lead healthier, happier lives.