Teresa Canive

Teresa Canive With Two Sides to the Same Story

Teresa Canive has a lot going on, both in her personal and professional life! Her hobbies include writing, film-making and underwater hockey. Besides this she also has plenty of work to get done as a Demand Generation Manager – let’s dive in to both sides of the same story.

Teresa Canive is actually not a new member at Republikken, but rather a returning member. Like many before her, she went out in the world, and came back – now working at a different company; Teamed.Global, specializing in European Startups.

As a Demand Generation Manager, she basically does content marketing, while matchmaking remote workers with companies in different parts of the world. The neat part is, that Teresa’s employer handles all the boring legal stuff of employing across borders.

During our community breakfast we quickly learn that Teresa’s story is one of two sides balancing her private and professionel life. And boy does the private part has a lot going on. Hobbies include underwater hockey, while also making time to writing her fiction book – oh yeah, and the short movie she is also working on.

The underwater hockey part needed a bit of explanation to the other members. So, it’s like hockey – with a stick and everything – but no padding… for obvious reasons. But beside that the water being fluid rather than frozen, the rules are kind of the same – just remember to take a deep breath once in a while.

How does she get time for it all? the answer is simply blocking her calendar at certain parts of the day, while also turning notifications off. Sounds simple, and advice we could all follow… to gain more focus in all the different parts of our lives.

At Republikken you will find Teresa Canive in our Connect Area, at her usual spot near the windows.