Canta con Jess

Canta con Jess – Teaching Spanish to Toddlers through Music

Step into the vibrant world of Jesica Levi, the heart and soul behind “Canta con Jess” – a children’s platform for learning Spanish through music. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how her YouTube channel came about and discover her deep passion for making language education a fun and memorable experience for kids.

The Beginning of “Canta con Jess”

The story of “Canta con Jess” had its beginning on the bustling streets of New York City. In a twist of fate, Jesica found herself teaching Spanish classes to an unexpected audience – American toddlers and not native Spanish speaking toddlers as she’d have thought. 

A trained educator and musician, Jesica could see how repeating words in both English and Spanish was a big help but even more so was the use of music. So she decided to use music as a playful tool to teach Spanish to the children. And Fueled by her passion to combine working with children, teaching and singing, this is how Jesica breathed life into “Canta con Jess.”

The Heartfelt Mission for Canta con Jess

“Canta con Jess” is more than just a YouTube channel and a private video channel – it’s a labour of love and passion. At its core, it’s a treasure chest of songs, videos, and educational content aimed at captivating young learners. What sets it apart is Jesica’s unique ability to effortlessly blend both English and Spanish, creating an inclusive space for kids from diverse language backgrounds.

Although it wasn’t just easy peasy creating content as recording music and editing instruments and tracks using software programs and making animated videos was brand new territory to Jesica – and a real challenge. Fortunately, a challenge she overcame with unexpected help – and perhaps perhaps a splash of Karma that gave some back to Jesica when she needed it the most.  

The Impact of Music in Teaching

It’s safe to say that Jesica’s passion for teaching kids through music has made a profound impact on young learners but surprisingly it has made an impact on older audiences too. Her channel is a gateway to language proficiency, where apparently even adults on higher learning levels have used her songs to pass Spanish exams! 

Hence, it’s safe to say too, that the positive feedback, the many subscribers and views and not least the YouTube award does reflect the transformational power of her approach and the passion she has put into it. 

A passion and dedication that was ever so evident at this Thursday’s Community Breakfast where Jesica let us all into her passionate world of the thoughts and planning behind creating content that will have a positive impact on children. 

The perks of working from anywhere in the world

Good thing is she can do that from all over the world, and right now she’s working from Republikken right here in Copenhagen as another favourite Connect member, working on mobile and TV apps for her channel as well as editing already recorded content. 

And she loves it here! Even though staying in Copenhagen was never on any destination list at all! Denmark was never ever an option! Those are Jesicas own words – words that were immediately forgotten once she set foot in Copenhagen alongside her Esbjerg-based sister.

Feeling the vibe of the city, she felt happy for no reason (must def. have been the Republikken-vibe that reached out to her). So she followed her heart and looked up coworking, and the rest was water under the bridge.

Today Jesica lives in Copenhagen, even if it’s just for a short while.

This was never in my plans but I just followed my heart. I feel that when you follow your heart, everything is kind of connected somehow and you get help from places you would have never imagined before. Someday I’ll know why my heart brought me to Copenhagen 

Well, we know that you are here right now, Jesica, to shine a light on the rest of us with your positive attitude, and perhaps to teach us to go a bit more with the flow and follow our hearts. Who knows what’s at the end of the rainbow?

Jessica sits in the Connect area.

You can visit her platform here

And see her YouTube channel here