Tobias Johannes

Tobias Johannes and the Strategy of life 

So much to do, so little time. 
Being Tobias Johannes ideas and talent is definitely not lacking. 

The Incident

When Tobias Johannes was 13 years old he watched a movie where a guy shot an arrow with a slingshot. Being 13 – and perhaps just being Tobias – he was very fascinated and decided to try it himself. So he started shooting mikado sticks with his slingshot until one of them shot through his hand and got stuck there. 

He tried to remove it himself using pliers to avoid his parents finding out about his slingshot – because he knew they would take it away! 

Story is Tobias had to go to the hospital with his damaged hand, and his beloved slingshot was just as he feared taken from him. 

Now you’re probably wondering if the incident traumatized and turned Tobias into a cautious man that didn’t dare take any chances. 

On the contrary! Today it seems there isn’t a thing, he hasn’t tried or a gut feeling he hasn’t followed. 

And at this week’s Community Breakfast it became apparent that Tobias is far from done exploring the world, making connections and turning ideas into actual projects.  

Moving to Denmark, starting his business and still running the family company

The latest is moving to Denmark and into a private office at Republikken to start his new company “Strategy” – an area he’s very experienced in.

The aim is to build an international advisory network for professionals by professionals to get direct access to a pool of information and experience instead of going through consultancy companies. 

And with a wide ranging network, both country and sector wise, Tobias Johannes should have a good basis for that. 

Having studied both in Austrian and deep in the heart of the Finnish forests at Aalto University, Tobias fell in love with the country and returned – after finishing his studies in Austria – to start his first company. 

But eventually he had to return to Northern Italy to take over leadership of his family’s company. It’s safe to say that things weren’t going too well for the 150 year old company.
Tobias strategy was to sell one branch of the company bit by bit in order to avoid firing 90 employees. He was up against management that had been around for ages and weren’t exactly keen on change. But he stood his ground which was a good call, as the other branch survived. 

Now in Denmark, Tobias didn’t leave the family business behind.  As advisory of board his main focus is to develop the business strategy together with the new management group –  while at the same time negotiating with Italian municipalities corporate with city planners and architects about turning old industrial plant areas of the family company into city districts.

Something he can easily do from here.

Passion Project no1

Perhaps this will also give him time to develop his longterm passion project “International workers’ mobility” – a project that connects ex the African workforce with the European countries that are in need of these specific skillsets.
And in many ways it comes down to strategy too, as the tools for the project is already there embedded in the European countries. The communication strategy is what’s missing. 

We officially have an Übermensch member amongst us! Although Tobias did say he was a bit busy last week….And was up very early this morning…… 

Did Tobias Johannes ever forgive his parents?

We are just left wondering –  did Tobias ever really forgive his parents for taking his beloved slingshot? Is that why he has lived as far away as in Finland and now Denmark (because who leaves warm, exotic italy voluntarily to live in the North, brrrr???)?

Or does he genuinely like the vibe in Copenhagen, loves the community at Republikken and thinks the public sector functions well in Denmark?
We choose to believe the latter and are just delighted to have you as part of our huge group of favourite members here, Tobias. Your smile and laughter can always bring out the sun on a rainy day.    

And so Tobias did on this rainy Thursday when he spellbound us all with his honest and passionate stories about life, obligations and dreams.

Tobias Johannes’ journey is a lesson in adaptability and grit. His knack for embracing change and hunting down innovative solutions is nothing short of inspiring. As he keeps evolving, his story reminds us to chase our dreams relentlessly. 

Tobias has his own private office